British Naval Disipline, 1813: Thomas Budd, Ordinary Seaman

On November 15, 1813 onboard His Majesty’s Ship-of-the-Line Albion at 9 a.m., in the Chesapeake, a naval court martial was executed upon a Thomas Budd, Ordinary Seaman. He was “Sentenced to receive three hundred and fifty lashes on his bare back with a Cat-of Nine Tails alongside such ship or ships…” A boat with a lieutenant onboard was to attend and see the execution was carried into effect. “I would not have more of the Punishment inflicted at one time on the Prisoner that he may be able to bear…whenever the Surgeon shall give it as his opinion that the said Prisoner cannot bear more with safety…”

The following ships are to carry their flogging allotment as the Prisoner was carried and the punishment effected onboard His Majesty’s ships;  HMS Ruby,  HMS Mohawk, HMS Picton, and HMS St. Lawrence. It is very likely he expired soon after his first lashes which had the effect the Admiral desire – the consequences for desertion.

By Orders, Rear Admiral Sir George Cockburn, HMS Albion, November 12, 1813.

Source: Papers of Rear Admiral Sir George Cockburn, Library of Congress.

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